How Valuation Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

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Something that you know that’s why you need to you know bean expert of the marketing buying and again effectively you’re a buyer’s agent now so you effectively do it, for other people and again the old I guess parents mentality is why would I pay you to buy property when I can obviously go off and do it myself yeah but that’s the thing is how many people are prepared to spend six months and that’s assuming that’s a new suburb you might have been there for five years already exactly Visit @


I think the big thing about that is that as you know is obviously developing the relationships with the agents so I get calls before the properties come on the market and get advertising done because you know it takes time to take photos and put up a line and I know about the property before it goes on the market even and get the best foot forward in terms of taking action and again what we find is a lot of the agents can be pretty lazy yeah so if you say that the agent everyone thinks that.

The agents got an incentive to sell it for more less so on a million-dollar property they make two percent that’s grand yeah if they sell it for . they make is to make another two grand if they get fifty percent which is a thousand dollars fifty percent tax they make bucks exactly sales people aren’t necessarily the hardest workers are they going to work an extra month to get a hundred grand for their client to make bucks exactly in the you’d say that yourself with you know real estate agent so have to take people for property show their friends or family that Artie’s our uncle’s cat dog whoever to go and have a look through the home if you are in a position you know that you picking something up grand below market value and you can pull.